Cameron Day

Cameron Day


I spent my first year of life living next to the furnace in an old general store my parents rented from a family friend until our house on Sunday Mountain in Orford – a small town in the Upper Valley of the Connecticut River – was built. I have grown up in the North Country of New Hampshire my entire life, and now have decided to take the leap and move to the great metropolis of Manchester.

I went to Franklin Pierce University from 2016 to 2020 and attained my degree in Secondary Education and History with a certification in Documentary Filmmaking. While at Franklin Pierce, I explored my interest in gaming in education, and how to utilize roleplaying games like Dungeons and Dragons or Pathfinder in teaching literacy and social studies. It was also while I was at Franklin Pierce that I started my pop culture podcast Comics, Clerics and Controllers and delved into the world of game publishing.

In 2019, my first publishing credit appeared as a core developer and designer in the roleplaying game Black Void from Black Void Games and Modiphius Entertainment. That same year, I became a freelancer for the Canadian game company Lunar Games, Inc., and helped to create content for their Endless Realms line. From there I have gone on to become a writer on the Dungeon Masters Guild, a website where writers are able to sell homebrew 5e Dungeons and Dragons content.

What drew me to Kreiva was the core of project-based learning and competency-based assessment, as well as the new community and location into which I would be arriving; something very different from the high school and town I grew up in. I look forward to becoming part of the Upper School team and helping all of YOU fall in love with humanities just as much as I have. I promise to bring laughs, learning, and creativity to every lesson and project.